Discovering one part of Andalusia…!!!

When I told my colleagues that I was planning to go for a trip to Seville and Cadiz, in the south of Spain, I remember the following reaction: “If you understand the dialect of Spanish there, specially in Cadiz, that means you are able to understand Spanish in any other place!!” Scary or challenging? For me, there wasn´t any other answer except from challenging and motivating!! Continue reading “Discovering one part of Andalusia…!!!”

Moments from the Col de la Colombière

This post will not take place in Valencia or even in Spain, sorry. How did you start your week? For me it started at 5.00 o’clock in the morning somewhere between rye fields and Geneva airport. My legs were covered with bruises, haven’t washed my hair since last Thursday, but did manage to swim in lake Geneva Sunday evening, which was very refreshing after the weekend. Continue reading “Moments from the Col de la Colombière”


If you want to go to a place which combines sea and mountains, you have absolutely to visit Denia. It is a small city by the sea in the Valencian Communtiy-between Valencia and Alicante. When we decided to take a bus and go there, we didn´t expect not at all how beautiful it could be. In fact, Denia with its port, marine and surroundings impressed us.

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Acclimatization at the Spanish Altitudes

Almost three month in Valencia. It’s funny how time flies and yet it feels like the day I arrived to the Joaquim Sorolla Train Station was hundred years ago. Though some things are still new and exciting for us, every day life hardly presents any bigger surprises. Also the daily amount of the new people we meet is becoming smaller and smaller.

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6 steps closer to becoming a volunteer

Have you ever experienced this feeling? The real need to pack your suitcase, book the flight and just go far away, where nobody knows you? From time to time, we all crave traveling to new places. We may feel like we need to change the routine and discover unknown landscapes, traditions or food. And yes, it all sounds lovely but trust me, if you decide to participate in EVS (SVE in Spanish) you will experience much more than that.

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Street Art

One of the things which surprised me in Valencia, was the huge amount of the street art. Walking around on the narrow streets of El Carmen, Northern part of the old town, we saw some amazing bright-coloured pieces of art with various subjects and stories. Here are some of my favourits:

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