Acclimatization at the Spanish Altitudes

Almost three month in Valencia. It’s funny how time flies and yet it feels like the day I arrived to the Joaquim Sorolla Train Station was hundred years ago. Though some things are still new and exciting for us, every day life hardly presents any bigger surprises. Also the daily amount of the new people we meet is becoming smaller and smaller: mostly we talk and socialize with the same people at work, visit same shops and cafés and greet the same people and street cats in our neighborhood. When I come to the local grocery shop the lady  knows exactly what I’m going to take: custard apples and green peppers. (Lately she started to silently throw in some coriander in the bag, because she knows that I’ll ask if they have any.) Continue reading “Acclimatization at the Spanish Altitudes”

6 steps to enchant your friends with your cooking skills

If you want to invite your friends over and make everyone believe that you actually know something about cooking and gastronomical pleasures, our advise is: make pinchos! Pinchos are the smalls snacks, origins of which are in northern parts of Spain and Basque Country. They look like small sailboats: breads with the different toppings kept together with the toothpicks (hence the name pincho: spike). Pinchos are quite easy to make and we are here to provide you with some crucial information about the preparation process. In only 6 easy steps you can become a pincho prodigy. Continue reading “6 steps to enchant your friends with your cooking skills”


9th of May 2017, Aldaia, Valencia, Spain

On the occasion of the Europe day we participated in a one day conference focused on how school can become more international and implement Erasmus+ projects in their environment. Among the mentioned subjects there were good practices at schools, innovative projects on internationalization, pedagogical visits, the European Language Portfolio (ELP) and programs for young people such as the youth exchanges and the EVS. As the last one is our , the organisers gave us time and space to talk about our own experience. In order to prove that we like challenge, we took the opportunity and we prepared our 1st speech in Spanish or in Castellano, if your prefer! Que fuerte y suerte tambien (what a luck and sweat at the same time)!! Continue reading “ESCUELAS CON VISTAS A EUROPA”

6 steps closer to becoming a volunteer

Have you ever experienced this feeling? The real need to pack your suitcase, book the flight and just go far away, where nobody knows you? From time to time, we all crave traveling to new places. We may feel like we need to change the routine and discover unknown landscapes, traditions or food. And yes, it all sounds lovely but trust me, if you decide to participate in EVS (SVE in Spanish) you will experience much more than that. You are basically making a decision to commit yourself to 6-12 months long project in a foreign environment. You are saying yes to new challenges, to learning new language, and to becoming part of a local community as well. European voluntary service is a personal journey and you get out of it as much as you invest in.

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Street Art

One of the things which surprised me in Valencia, was the huge amount of the street art. Walking around on the narrow streets of El Carmen, Northern part of the old town, we saw some amazing bright-coloured pieces of art with various subjects and stories. Here are some of my favourits:

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Hello and welcome!

Hola and welcome! We are three girls from three different countries: Maria from Finland, Zuzana from the Czech Republic and Elena from Greece. We are the participants of EVS-program (European Volunteering Service). 

In short: for the next year we will be volunteering in CEEDCV – Distance Learning Educational Center of Valencian municipality. We chose CEEDCV ourselves from the list of myriad possibilities in EVS-database. After we had sent our CV’s and motivational letters, we were chosen by CEEDCV just like for any other job. During our time here we will be helping with organizing different projects related to distance education, running language classes and coordinating European projects.

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