Hamam Aleikum!

Last weekend we decided to use our last vacation days and fly to Marrakech for a couple of days. To sum up our three day trip: food, mint tea, food, souk, mint tea, bargaining, food, mint tea, hamam, mint tea, bargaining, food, souk, pomegranate juice, mint tea, rickshaw ride to the airport. Continue reading “Hamam Aleikum!”

6 steps into learning a new language

I came to Spain last March with some basic vocabulary and the ability to spell the most necessary regular verbs in present. On my first day at work it realized that I don’t understand ANYTHING! Luckily, later that day I learned, that people were actually speaking Valenciano, which is the local dialect of Catalan, not Spanish. Continue reading “6 steps into learning a new language”

Confessions of the Office Worker

I might get in trouble for this post. Maybe I will even get suspended from the EVS-program. Because what I am about to tell here, is quite shocking. At work…. I don’t work all the time! It’s not easy to say it out loud, but I’ve decided to get out there and speak honestly for all of us, who like to google all sorts of fun facts about kittens, politics and Harry Potter. Continue reading “Confessions of the Office Worker”

Inspired by: Midterm Evaluation

How often do you sit down and actually spend time thinking about how is your life going in general? What are you grateful about? What would you like to change and what can you actually change? Who are you thinking about primarily while making decisions and choices every day? Do you have the skills to hear other people but also the ability to listen to yourself? Continue reading “Inspired by: Midterm Evaluation”

Discovering one part of Andalusia…!!!

When I told my colleagues that I was planning to go for a trip to Seville and Cadiz, in the south of Spain, I remember the following reaction: “If you understand the dialect of Spanish there, specially in Cadiz, that means you are able to understand Spanish in any other place!!” Scary or challenging? For me, there wasn´t any other answer except from challenging and motivating!! Continue reading “Discovering one part of Andalusia…!!!”

Moments from the Col de la Colombière

This post will not take place in Valencia or even in Spain, sorry. How did you start your week? For me it started at 5.00 o’clock in the morning somewhere between rye fields and Geneva airport. My legs were covered with bruises, haven’t washed my hair since last Thursday, but did manage to swim in lake Geneva Sunday evening, which was very refreshing after the weekend. Continue reading “Moments from the Col de la Colombière”